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About me

Hi, I’m Megan Bayliss! I see the world through rose coloured glasses and I can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced professional and personal life so you can just get on with helping others.

After decades of working as a Social Worker across all levels of government, in the NGO and Private sectors, I decided to take control of my diary and radical self care. Now I use the same powerful methods to help others find the most professional them without compromising the most genuine them.

I am an author across several genres, guest and key note speaker, developed my own model of protective behaviours, taught in Social Work  at University, am a committee member of the AASW North QLD Branch, worked in three different countries, have seven grandchildren, love dogs and live in the wilds of Cape York Peninsula, Australia, where I work remotely all over the world with people either in or thinking of getting a job/career in the Human and Community Services.

I LOVE fibre and recycled  craft and have joined that with my love of the environment and my post graduate studies in Sustainability to become a craftivist: a yarn bomber, no less.


Here's a bit more about me

I have CRAZY hair that is out of control in the tropics and my teeth are a result of growing up in PNG...and the antibiotics they freely dished out to babies! But there's also a bit more to me than meets the eye.

My Signature Method: Cubic Knowledge

I work in cubes because cubes have depth and six interlocking sides...just like your practice does.

You are the top of your cube, courage. Your base is commitment. Your sides are made up of competence, confidence, compassion and community. Some days you need more of one than others. Which side will you show today?

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