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3 Perfect frameworks for successful communications as a counsellor/therapist.

✓ Know what to say every single time (*according to situation).

✓ Have set formulas for responding according to best communication and conflict resolution practice.

✓ Protect yourself in court/ notes/reports by using formulas of communication.

✓ Reflect with confidence on what you said and did during your work day.


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What others are saying about Megan's supervision and consultancy...

Nicola Mellick, Psychologist and Teacher, Cairns

I knew Megan for many years as a supervisor or training role for my Community role. From there I watched and was inspired by Megan’s ventures such as Junk Wave, work in PNG and many other adventures. Recently I did a coaching session for some reflection, career direction and skill development. Within the first 20 minutes I was blown away- Megan listened and was extremely quick to understand, challenge, provide frameworks, exercises and support. Straight away I felt a relief, we were on the right track. The exercises we did in the session I will take with me for my own work and the issues that were renamed and summarized, blew me away. It made things so clear, gave insight into the theoretical background and practical ways to move forward. Thank you so Megan. You are one amazing and inspiring person!

Social Service Agency Manager, QLD State

I have been seeing Megan as a professional supervisor for exactly 6 years now. Her advice and guidance came at a time when I was struggling with a number of personal and professional challenges. Working in the social service sector is not for the faint hearted, having someone who both understands the landscape, and the trauma that can accompany what we witness and experience on a daily basis makes the work she does unique... Megan isn’t afraid to give it to you straight if you need to hear it, but at the same time, give you the positive push that can lead to so many ‘ah ha!’ moments... The impact Megan has had on me; her situational re-framing, the strategies/models she has shared with me, I continue to apply in many areas of my life. She is truly an inspiration on so many levels, and is someone whom I respect and admire wholeheartedly.

Jani Forest-Wyatt
Brilliance Counselling & Consulting, AMHSW Brisbane

Megan is totally astounding! She has awesome ideas and has so much to teach. She is talented, funny, creative, supportive and disciplined. Listen to her messages and learn from her fabulous wisdom. She truly is an inspiration!

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