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Sometimes knowledge takes longer to grow: date change for launch

cubic knowledge mentoring Jun 14, 2021

Cherubs, I apologise profusely: the launch date has changed to

Saturday, 9.30am (AEST), 10th July.

I am pulled in three different directions right at the initial launch time and the urgent one has taken precedence over the original launch date.

I will be away from my home office, and while I can work anywhere, unfortunately I will be surrounded by noisy people that won't be conducive to a launch!

There are still guest speakers and prizes.

  • You must be present at the launch to win and
  • must be following the prize giver.

These are our talented guest speakers and prize givers:

👸 Soness Stevens - TEDx Coach and Comedian. Voice of Hello Kitty and Disney Princess extraordinaire. American living in Japan and married to a Kiwi. Soness was my TEDx coach. The woman is pure magic and a true Princess of connection and communication.
💰 Karen Eley from Women Talking Finance (Adelaide, Australia). This woman talks my language (my thoughts on money completely changed following the STD - Sexually Transmitted Debt - that I caught). From the day I first heard Karen speak my ears pricked and my money sense wanted her.
🏃‍♀️ Janet Meretens from Ignite BEing. Janet is a health resiliency coach and Yogi. Her area of specialty is inflammation (yep, she had my attention IMMEDIATELY)! She looks like Goldie Hawn and her story of beating MS is purely inspirational! The golden haired woman thrives in Virginia USA. I reckon we were twins in a previous life :)
🎴 LeeAnne Romine, Business and Life Coaching & Manifesting with a twist. LeeAnne is an intuitive and well loved in the two online communities that we hang out in together. She works with her husband which always puts a smile on my face - you can see the love and respect drip off them <3  From Almost Heaven, West Virginia. 
🦁 Arika Clark Alejo from ThriveEpic is as bald as a badger and as bold as a Lioness with a lion's mane. The woman is EPIC!  She specialises in building your expertise online courses so you can develop passive income while working less. From Chicago, USA, she would LOVE to move to Australia.

And of course I am giving away a prize: a membership to a Cube.

Give yourself the winning edge - go follow these people on their socials and get to know their likely giveaway.

And...claim the date and time now:

Saturday, 9.30am (AEST), 10th July.

RSVP to the Facebook event page or get onto the newsletter (sign up below) to receive the ZOOM link.


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