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May Grace be with me (this is not a religious post).

animal Jun 24, 2021

I left my home 14 weeks ago to move to the wilds of Cape York Peninsula...because that's where my husband lives and I really missed him.

An animal lover, I left my home and two cats in the capable hands of a cat loving caretaker. But, one of the cats, Gracious, had not been seen by anyone since the day I left.

Beside myself, I decided to fly home and spend 1 night searching for her. Everyone thought her dead - snake, starvation or dog attack. I hoped her to be hiding, and waiting for my return.

At approximately 4.30pm, after coming directly from the airport, I walked the streets of Babinda calling her:

"Gracious. Gracious. Where are you my baby."

Town folk knew I was a weirdo for sure! A religious freak at that!

Again at 9pm I started my search for Grace to be with me.

"Gracious," I called into the still night. "Gracious."

A feint and distant meow answered my call. I thought it was perhaps a night bird, or more likely, I was losing my mind and was actually insane.

"Gracious, where are you my baby?"

Meow, meow.

A white streak ran from creek to an old abandoned and VERY DARK house. It streaked out again and looked at me as it cried.

It was my darling cat, Gracious, whom I rescued as a feral mother because she was about to be euthanised by the Rangers in an Aboriginal community.

Gracious is terrified of people and of dogs as a result of her sad start to life, but, she is very bonded to me.

Gracious came straight to me, full of meows and allowed me to immediately pick her up.

She remembered her name, and my voice <3

Now in a large dog cage in my caretakers lounge room, I am flying back next week to let her out of the cage and help settle her even further.

May the Grace be with our house in Babinda for ever more.

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