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How to safely encourage change using perfect formulas of motivation

change communication May 08, 2021

Here's the replay of the May 8, 2021 free communication strategy webinar.

*TRIGGER WARNING: I use a domestic violence situation to show how the debriefing, clear and accountable communication formulas can be used with a friend. Of course, the formulas are transferrable to any situation....you just have to practice them.

In true Megan style, things went awry: the Zoom links didn't work and people couldn't get in to watch live.

I am so sorry to those who tried to get in :(  To compensate, I will run another LIVE. What would you like it to be?

Despite link-gate, I carried on as though nothing was wrong (it's a skill I've had some considerable practice at!). I saw messages coming in from people but once I had started the live I couldn't stop.

Nonetheless, here it is for my beloved newsletter subscribers to do with what they will.

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