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FREE Webinar on How to Use My 3 Perfect Formulas for Communication

communication webinar Apr 19, 2021

You've got my FREEBIE on how to get the best results from different communications. But, now you're scratching your head on how to use all three of the communication tools in a single conversation with a friend, a client, a colleague.

Don't sweat: we've got your needs covered!

I bet you really want to learn to use all three of my perfect formulas of communication in a single conversation to help your folk, but you may have been too shy or busy to book my free half hour offer and attend all by your lonesome.

Well I'm hearing you, so register NOW for a FREE 1 hour Zoom webinar. Numbers are limited.

On the FREE webinar you will learn:

  • how to debrief a friend/family/staff/client (we'll use domestic violence as the example)
  • how the cycle of violence depends on behaviours and NOT communication
  • that anger is a secondary emotion and that using primary emotions in the clear communication format is a way to break the cycle
  • how to use accountable communication to keep from being sucked back into the cycle of violence.

Attend live and ask me questions about the formulas. There will be a replay available but only for 24 hours.

Can you send this to a friend? Yes, please do, but they need to get the 3 Perfect Formulas for Communication (below) for the webinar to make sense. 

What do I need to have with me? You need to have a pen and my 3 perfect formulas for successful communication as a counsellor or therapist. If you haven't got it already, get it here. This is also suitable for people who do not have any qualifications in counselling. YOU are the ones that friends go to first so you may as well already know the formulas we therapists use. 

Opt-in to get the Three Perfect Formulas for Communication here.

Register for the FREE webinar at 9am AEST Sat May 8th May by registering ABOVE.

Till next we speak. Mxxxx

PS: bring the formulas with you to the webinar. 

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