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Fertilise and grow good relationships

communication Apr 19, 2021

Any long term lover, friend or parent will tell you that intimate relationships with family or friends are hard work and need constant management.

Relationships are like a garden: You cannot have a beautiful garden unless you pull the weeds on a regular basis and feed the plants with fertiliser. 

So it is with our treasured relationships: we need to constantly pull the weeds, fertilise for new growth/strength and balance the sunshine and rain that specific plants get.

Personal development around relationships is like pulling the weeds. The more we work on ourselves and understand how we operate in the world around us, the better our personal relationships get. To chip the soil and fertilise a relationship, some tools are required.

Date night is a biggie in our home – when we are both home (we each travel) we have a date once a week: Just me and my darling Mr Paul. Sometimes we are too tired to talk but that’s okay because we are just together, seeking the intimate company and closeness that we don’t get from our other relationships.

My favourite “gardening” tools that I use regularly are two books that I never tire of reading: The Five Love Languages and Personality Plus.

Go on, do some relationship gardening today (aka reading) and watch your relationship become blooming good.

PS: These two books make for excellent Hen’s party, wedding or anniversary gifts.

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