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Megan Bayliss t/a The Junk Wave

I help Social Workers and their agencies achieve professional goals via supervision, consultancy and "how-to" guides so they can just get on with doing what they're good at: helping others.

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My four pillars make my signature method

Four entry cubes, from Agency Managers to those thinking about getting a job in the Human or Community services:


For Agency CEO's & Managers who need a Compliance Cube consultant.

Managers Action here


For workers in the sector looking for one on one supervision.

Get more Confidence


Peer support and networking for those old & new to the sector.

Increase Compassion


Online Training programs for  support workers, counsellors or therapists.

Get Community Action

Get a balanced home/ work life: A cubed life.

What's in your cube? My personal practice and business model uses cubes of change. Why cubes? Cubes have more depth than a square and they have six interactive sides: the four sides are Competency, Confidence, Compassion and Community while the top and tail are Courage and Connection. Dependent on where you are in your human and community services career you may want 1 or 4 cubes to help C life differently.

Join the cube.

Ever felt like a square peg in a round hole? Get your "whole" right so you can thrive and survive. Get out of your cubicle and into our four cubes of service. Each offers something different based on your level of need, skill, position and experience.

The Cube of Community

No need to leave home or fight to find a park: This cube is full of training programs with a new one each month: from our signature Emotional Intelligence to motivation to active listening to communication to note taking to craftivism to diversionary activity...the list is endless. Click below to discover more.


What's in the Community Cube?

The Cube of Compassion

Peer Support both grows and protects your compassion for the work you do. It is an act of radical self care. Includes online training and book club.


What's in the Compassion Cube?

The Cube of Confidence

One on one supervision cube for established and establishing professionals in the Human and Community sectors. Includes peer supervision, resources, & book club. This is the cube for dedicated professionals who plan for a long career in the Human and Community services.


What's in the Confidence Cube

The Cube of Competence

If you are a busy CEOs or Manager with too much on your plate. you'll benefit from having a virtual locum Social Worker to do professional tasks for you.

Virtual help here

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Megan Bayliss, a senior mental health accredited social worker and personal development / change coach. I work with old, new and emerging workers in the human and community services so that they can have more competence, confidence, compassion and courage in their work with vulnerable people.


More about me

Get Cubed Today

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Become a member of your cube of choice to get unlimited access to all of my classes. It’s the fastest way to feel the full benefits of living a balanced professional life.



For Managers and CEO's

  • Exclusive and bespoke
  • Only 1 agency a quarter
  • 10 hours p/w (12 weeks or 120 hrs) to utilise Megan Bayliss as your virtual locum
  • Bespoke hours via dedicated zoom room
  • Access to the other three cubes for 12 months
  • Designed to your needs and to give you another set of hands, ears and eyes without employing staff.
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One on one supervision

  • Monthly payment available: $299.70
  • 10 x 1on1 Zoom supervisions
  • Access to Cube of professional resources
  • Access to the other two cubes for 12 months
  • Monthly Zoom peer support hour
  • Monthly Zoom book club
  • Access all online trainings. New ones added regularly.
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The Cube Model recognises that depth is built with strong sides, bases and tops.

Which side of the Cube is best for you. You may want all four (Competence Cube) or just the Community Cube as you test what it may be like to have better people skills and the knowledge or language needed to get a job in the helping professions.



Peer Support

  •  Monthly payment available: $99.70
  • Monthly Zoom peer  support hour
  • Monthly Zoom book club
  • Access all online trainings. New ones added regularly.
  • Suitable for entry level workers who need support.



Online training

  • Monthly payment available: $29.70
  • Access to all online training programs
  • Suiable for people wanting to enter the Human Services or helping professions and those wanting to increase their soft/people skills.

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